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        互諾科技:2019-06-11 16:16     閱讀數:       標簽:新型茶制品網站建設

                Found in 2012, Guangzhou Wanglaoji Great Health Industry Company Limited (Wanglaoji Great Health) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group). It is engaged in the red-canned and red bottled Wanglaoji herbal tea, as well as Wanglaoji new-form tea products including sugarless, solid, and instant herbal tea.
                Made of selected natural herbal medicine by use of inherited century-old classic secret recipe and modern technology, Wanglaoji herbal is produced strictly pursuant to the Five Grades Quality Assurance System. For first-class quality and outstanding taste, it sells very well all over the country, becoming No. 1 Brand of Chinese Beverage with brand value as high as RMB 108 billion.
                The 21st century is the century of health industry. According to the deployment of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group's development of big health industry, Wanglaoji Great Health formulates and implements Wanglaoji's "136 Development Strategy" through three development paths including product management, capital operation and virtual earning. The said Strategy is planed from six aspects, i.e. talent strategy, science and technology strategy, brand strategy, resource strategy, standard strategy and international strategy, and it adheres to the road of diversified and multi-brand development so to create the No. 1 brand of Chinese herbal tea.
                Today, Wanglaoji Great Health has a strong staff of 10,000 working in production bases and marketing fields in five major regions including the eastern, southern, western, northern and middle China. The Company also invested and constructed independently-operated large-scale production bases, with its products sold all over the country and exported overseas. Within a short period of one year since its establishment, the Company has been awarded many honors. At the same time, Wanglaoji Company actively fulfills its social responsibility of national enterprises, and it has set up the Wanglaoji Charity Fund of RMB 182.8-million to continuously contribute to social and public welfare undertakings in major disasters, poverty and environmental protection in all directions and at various levels, carrying forward the tradition Loving Care of Chinese national herbal tea brand continuously.
                As the leader in the Chinese herbal tea industry, Wanglaoji has vigorously promoted the healthy development of the herbal tea industry, built the largest and most abundant museum of herbal tea in the world, and advocated the holding of a Chinese Herbal Tea Cultural Festival. In addition, the Company also worked together with Switzerland's SGS to initiate the research on the international standard of herbal tea in the world, give full play to its advantages in scientific research, improve the quality of its products, enhance its research, development and promotion of new products, and to create health care consumption of traditional Chinese medicine into a new healthy fashion and enforce health industry, making Wanglaoji an influential world brand.
                Wanglaoji Great Health (Ya'an) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Wanglaoji Ya’an Company) was established in 2013 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Great Health Industry Co., Ltd. It is the first major core industry demonstration project introduced after -disaster reconstruction in Ya'an City, and is also the first self-built production base of Wanglaoji Company in China, mainly engaged in the processing, production and sales of Wanglaoji herbal tea products.
                Covering an area of 348 mu, Wanglaoji Ya’an Company is constructed in three phases, with first phase investment 300 million yuan and the construction area 43,500 square meters. It has the two filling production lines, with the annual production 20 million TEU boxes of Wanglaoji herbal tea and the predicted maximum annual operating income of RMB 1.2 billion yuan. With a staff of more than 200, the Company inherits Wanglaoji herbal tea heritage of hundred-year-old classic secret recipe and strictly implements standard of Five Grades Quality Guarantee System, and produced in accord with the which, first batch of Wanglaoji canned herbal tea product was put on the market on July 1, 2015, marking that the "Blood Transfusion and Hematopoiesis" commonweal model initiated by Wanglaoji has been completely brought to the ground.
                As a State-owned enterprise, Wanglaoji Company, while constantly developing and growing, is always grateful to the Society, earnestly performing the social responsibility of the eldest son of our mother when the disaster strikes. The Company not only actively supports the disaster areas in emergency and rescue work. The construction of Wanglaoji Ya'an Company invested by the Company, has also set up Five "Firsts" in the history of industrial reconstruction after the disaster in Ya'an: the first contract, the first roof-sealing (completion of main structure of building), the first Top, the first trial production, the first mass production.
                Now, the Company's continuous development and growth has become a beautiful scenery in the development of Ya'an construction. As a national brand with a history of more than 190 years, Wanglaoji will continue to contribute to major disasters, poverty, environmental protection and other social and public welfare undertakings in all directions and at various levels and carry forward the tradition Loving Care of Chinese national herbal tea brand continuously.



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