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        互諾科技:2020-04-26 17:29     閱讀數:       標簽:電網儲能網站建設
                Shenzhen CLOU Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 1996 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007(Stock code: 002121), is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in providing core technology and system solutions for smart energy and energy internet.
                As a pioneering technology innovator in renewable energy and smart grid, CLOU has been focusing on the layout of cutting-edge technologies. With its core technologies, CLOU intends to build the most advanced energy storage system and energy internet to provide solutions to intelligent power generation, smart grid, intelligent energy storage, intelligent power consumption, energy trading, energy management services, etc.
                CLOU, as one of the first enterprise in China to focus on utility-scale energy storage, devotes to independent R&D and manufacture of energy storage products as well as providing complete solutions for on-grid/off-grid public utilities, thermal power plants, solar and wind power plant operators as well as residential users.
                In the future, CLOU will strive to continue to shape its international marketing sectors in order to become an even greater world-class energy services provider.


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